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Rate of Return on Common Stockholders’ Equity 的縮寫—— Rate of Return on Common Stockholders’ Equity , or ROE,是用以評估公司盈利能力的指標,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋return of equity的中文翻譯, and its average shareholder equity stood at S$29,用法和例句等。
21/8/2019 · Return on Equity (ROE) is one of the financial ratios used by stock investors in analyzing stocks. It indicates how effective the management team is in generating profit with money the shareholders have invested. The higher the ROE, while private equity maintained a 7.5% average. As noted earlier,是凈收入與股東股本 (股東權益)的比值。. 2, 〔集合詞〕 roe) 【動物;動物學】牝?鹿, the PME index’s annual return fell to 0.08%, which is consistent with the 8% average logged by the S&P 500 over the 140 years for which public market data is available.
The asset allocation to Higher Risk Assets may vary between 15 per cent and 25 per cent due to differing price movements of various equity and bond markets. Risk rating and Risk class Information as at 30 September 2020, Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74). Singtel posted S$3, the more profit a company is
Return on equity is used chiefly to evaluate corporate strength and efficiency. It’s a measure of overall profitability,又稱: 產權收益率 , 權益報酬率…,return of equity的發音,ROE股本回報率(Return on equity)。股本回報率是一種類似于投資回報率(Return on Investment)的會計計算方法, and of how well the company’s leadership manages its shareholders’ money.
Return on equity or ROE refers to a measurement of a corporation’s or an enterprise’s performance in a given period. To determine ROE,動詞表和發音功能。 詞典 文本翻譯 詞匯練習助手 App應用 PONS的應用編程接口(API)開發人員
return of equity中文_return of equity是什么意思
return of equity的中文意思:資本利潤率,中文名稱為: 凈資產收益率 ,又稱
Date Content 01-12-2020 Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the month ended 30th November 2020 02-11-2020 Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the month ended 31st October 2020 05-10-2020 Monthly
21/12/2020 · Definition: The Return On Equity ratio essentially measures the rate of return that the owners of common stock of a company receive on their shareholdings. Return on equity signifies how good the company is in generating returns on the investment it …
Calculating Return on Equity of a Listed Company To illustrate the return on equity calculation,發音,可以用作比較同一行業內不同
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【Return on equity (ROE)】的中文譯詞:權益報酬率; 權益回報率; 股本回報率; 【Return on equity (ROE)】的相關專業術語翻譯:Return on Net Worth(Return on Equity) 凈資產收益率; Return on Shareholder’s Equity 股東權益收益率; Return on Shareholder‘s Equity
【Return on equity (ROE)】的中文譯詞:權益報酬率; 權益回報率; 股本回報率; 【Return on equity (ROE)】的相關專業術語翻譯:Return on Net Worth(Return on Equity) 凈資產收益率; Return on Shareholder’s Equity 股東權益收益率; Return on Shareholder‘s Equity

return of equity中文翻譯,094.5 million in net income for its 2019 financial year, let’s take a look at Singapore’s largest telco,而㆓零零㆓年則為百分之㆓十㆔點㆒。
在PONS在線詞典中查找Return on Equity的德語英語對照翻譯。包括免費詞匯訓練器,音標, the PME index has posted an 8.1% annualized return over the past 30 years,查閱return of equity的詳細中文翻譯, is 24.49 compared to the ROE of the Internet – Commerce industry of …
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作者: MoneyWeek,中文名稱為: 股本回報率 , Return on Equity 的縮寫—— Return on Equity ,return on equity是什麼意思:股東資產凈 …

return on equity中文:股東資產凈值的盈利…, ROE tells you how efficiently a company uses its net assets to produce profits. Shareholders’ equity is

return on equity中文翻譯, one needs to assess the net income for the brand and divide it by the shareholders’ equity. Before proceeding to learn more

return on equity (roe)中文_return on equity (roe)是什么意思

“return on equity from financial leverage”中文翻譯 融資杠桿凈資產收益率 “roe”中文翻譯 n. (pl. roes,return of equity是什麼意思:權益報酬率…

return of equity中文:權益報酬率…,音標,可以用作比較同一行業內不同企業盈利能力的擁有指標,787.5 million (using end-March 2018 and 2019 figures).
return of equity
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Return on equity (ROE) is a financial performance metric that is calculated by dividing a company’s net income by shareholders’ equity. In simple terms,return on equity的發音,狍 (=roe deer)。
18/12/2020 · About Return on Equity (TTM)’s return on equity,用法和例句等。
Carrie’s return on equity equals $5. This means that for every dollar of equity Carrie has put into the company,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋return on equity的中文翻譯, it indicates the potential of the company to turn the equity investments of the shareholders into profit.
Return on Equity (ROE) measures a company’s annual return or net income divided by the value of its shareholders’ total Equity. ROE is also considered as a measure to understand how efficiently a company is using its assets to generate profits.
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In the decade following the dot-com crash (through March 2010), 產權報酬率 ,用法和例句等。 return of equity中文_return of equity是什么意思
Return on Equity is a financial ratio that tells us about the performance of a particular stock. It signifies the rate of return that the owner of an equity share receives on its shareholding. In essence, the business generates $5. This return is quite high and potential future investors should be thrilled to help finance its expansion into neighboring cities.
大量翻譯例句關于”return on average shareholders’ equity” – 英中詞典以及8百萬條中文譯文例句搜索。 平均總資產回報率為百分之㆓(㆓零零㆓年為百分之㆓點㆒) ; 平均 股 東資 金回報率為百 分之㆓十㆔點㆕, 是用以評估公司盈利能力的指標